The Amazing Spider-Man #15 Review

www.hypergeeky.comThe Inheritors have been defeated, and it’s time for cleanup.

As the various Spiders return to their respective homeworlds after a long, drawn-out battle, Peter Parker oversees the aftermath. With the Master Weaver dead and gone, it’s time for a new Weaver to take his place, and the Superior Spider-Man won’t have anything to do with it.

Otto Octavius, hoping to deny his future demise, opts to cut the threads in a bid to give himself and the other Spiders free will, but a collective effort by the remaining Spiders puts Superior Spider-Man where he belongs — the past.

In the end, Karn takes up the mantle of the Master Weaver, and the Spiders without a home — thanks to the multiverse crumbling — decide to create a new team to help those worlds without a Spider-Man/Woman.

The Amazing Spider-Man #15 closes the circle on several plot points, and Dan Slott’s script remains tactfully aware as it brings the story to its closure. When Superior threatens revenge when the other Spiders doom him to his future, Karn reminds him that he’s already found it — it was Otto who killed the Master Weaver during the fight with the Inheritors.

We also get to see Uncle Ben become a grandfather for the first time, and Spider-Man 2099 finally gets to return home without the burden of some sort of conflict.

There are also some interesting developments with Kaine, the Scarlet Spider who was presumed dead after his duel to the death with Solus and Morlun. It’s likely we haven’t seen the last of him yet, and just in time for Secret Wars.

www.hypergeeky.comGiuseppe Camuncoli leads the art team for a beautiful issue that’s packed with detail, characters, and some touching moments. Camuncoli’s action sequences are clean and easy to follow — a feat when you think about the various doppelgangers with similar costumes getting tangled up.

Cam Smith and Roberto Poggi deserve some of that credit. The inking team does a spectacular job, providing tight lines that keep the interiors intact. Justin Ponsor’s colors are also respectful of the various characters and their costumes — Superior’s black outfit clashes with Parker’s the baby blue trim of his suit. The reds are brilliant, and the luminance of the Master web creates some great ambience to the panels.

The issue concludes with the Spider-heroes taking on even more responsibility. Probably the best thing about Slott’s run on this volume of The Amazing Spider-Man, and something that can’t be denied, is his respect for the character. Slott values Spider-Man, and it shows. There are absolutes for the character — heroism, selflessness, and that sharp tongue — and Slott’s conclusion for the Spider-Verse arc puts those characteristics at the forefront as the Spiders head into their next adventure.

It’s no wonder why the Secret Wars is the big event that will shift the Marvel Universe into its newest incarnation. The original Secret Wars was most memorable for what it did to Spider-Man — it gave him a new suit and a new villain. As the universe changes, it will be interesting to see which Spider-Man, Woman, or an assortment of each, remain. Whoever it is, donning that red and blue suit, they’ll be the centerpoint of it all.

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