X-Factor — Microsoft Xbox Series X Review

The morning the Xbox Series X went up for preorder, I was sitting in a hospital room with my wife who had just given birth to our beautiful baby boy, Elijah.

I was able to carve out an hour when nothing was happening to try and log onto several sites with the hope that the hospital wi-fi wouldn’t fail me.

With customers across the country given adequate time to prepare — Microsoft made it a point to give notice of where, when, and how to preorder the new consoles — it was pretty much a given that things wouldn’t go smoothly.

And they didn’t.

Though I was able to get the console into my cart on one website, I wasn’t able to check out and confirm the purchase. One store didn’t even have their preorders up on time, and once they made the console available to purchase, I ran into issues there as well.

After about an hour of coming up short, I accepted the possibility of not being a day-one owner of a new Xbox and continued on with my day. I ran home for some errands and a hot shower and then returned to my wife and baby.

I checked Twitter — because misery loves company — and saw posts about resupplying and canceled orders. Someone else posted that someone they knew had just bought a console.

The post had been made recently, so I gave it a go and checked the store’s website. I saw a console still in my cart from the previous attempt, and I was able to go straight into checkout.

It seemed to be good to be true, but a few weeks later, I got an email asking me to reserve a date and time to pick up the console.

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Mixed Results — Coffee Time Review

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a small coffee shop that doubles as a late-night meetup in a fantasy world where orcs order cafe lattes?

In Coffee Time, you are the Barista, a faceless character serving drinks to regulars and the occasional extra-terrestrial looking for dating advice.

Coffee Time fits in the genre of a visual novel with intermittent spurts of activity where you fill someone’s order for a drink by choosing the ingredients. You don’t get to choose options for dialogue, and you’ll mostly rely on one or two buttons to continue the automatic conversations or fast-forward quickly through sections on a replay after you’ve beaten the game.

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Stuck In a Moment With You — The Last of Us Remastered Review

I’m late.

I know.

HyperGeeky has been in cruise control since I started teaching. And unlike the other “careers” I’ve taken up (photography, IT, part-time teaching), going full-time and switching schools hasn’t given me much time or energy for playing video games, watching movies, and writing reviews.

But isn’t it funny — to think that a pandemic led me to start working on the site again and that one of my first reviews is about a game in which the world has been turned upside down by a mysterious illness?

It wasn’t planned — I moved to the WordPress servers like a couple months ago. (I have receipts.)

Anyways, the Last of Us isn’t the first game I played now that I’m back into gaming, but it is the one I most recently beat.

It’s a game I’ve been wanting to play ever since its release, but circumstances always kept me from actually purchasing it. Now that the sequel is out, and some critics have called it a masterpiece, I decided it was time.

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