Death Vigil #6 Review

Until now, the battle between the Vigil and the Necromancers has been a tactical chess match. A skirmish here and there, a minor power play elsewhere -- the secret war has played out with pawns being traded as the Vigil shores up its defenses while the Necromancers continue poking away, looking for a weak spot.... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Factions — Death Vigil #4

The tides of war continue to rise with new factions joining the battle in Death Vigil #4. The Pale Court, a group devoted to bringing the Primordial Ones to the land of the living, has plans for the Dreamer's Codex -- tablets containing everything one needs to know about the sigils. Every translation of the codex... Continue Reading →

Death Vigil #3 Review

Remember being asked, What do you want to be when you grow up? It's sort of a strange question to ask a kid who doesn't even know how to tie his own shoes. I didn't want to be a fireman, astronaut, or computer software developer. I just wanted to make the world a better place.... Continue Reading →

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