[Comic Review] Landing — Lazarus #9

There are interesting parallels to to draw from Lazarus #9, the last chapter of the Lift story arc. For the past several issues, readers have been drawn into the world of the ¬†Barrets, a family of Waste who lost their farm and home. Knowing their best chance for survival joining in the service of one... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Primed — Lazarus #8

As hopeful applicants march on towards Denver for the Lift, Forever Carlyle storms a terrorist cell building IEDs. Plot threads weave together to form a tightly knit issue in Lazarus #8. We get more of Forever's personal and physical trials as a Lazarus in training, the Barrets in mourning as Michael makes a name for... Continue Reading →

Get Lifted — Lazarus #7 Review

The correspondence page found at the end of the issue will tell you the creative team needed two extra pages for Lazarus #7. After reading the issue, it's plain to see why. In terms of density, Lazarus #7 earns the title of heaviest issue of the series. Jumping from plot to plot, the events this... Continue Reading →

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