Superman #1 Review

The Superman of the New 52 has passed, and the original Superman takes his place in the first issue ongoing issue of the Rebirth relaunch. During a visit to his alternate-timeline-self's grave, Clark Kent bids farewell and takes up the mantle of the world's greatest superhero. The family has moved from Salinas, California, to a farm... Continue Reading →

Superman: Rebirth #1 Review

The Superman of Earth-Prime is gone, and the world comes to terms with the loss. In Superman: Rebirth #1, Lana Lang and pre-Flashpoint Superman head to the New 52's burial site to deal with his death in their own ways. For Lang, it's to keep a promise and have Kent's body taken to Smallville, Kansas,... Continue Reading →

Free to Fly — Superman Unchained #1 Review

What's the first thing readers will think of when they see Superman Unchained #1 on shelves Comic Book Wednesday? Obviously, they'll notice the Jim Lee cover -- unless they've been drawn towards the more expensive variants. They'll also see Scott Snyder's name on the cover along with the names of longtime Lee collaborator, inker Scott... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Dilemma — Superman #12

Last issue, Superman investigated a research facility in Russia where an inter-dimensional being had escaped, wiping out scientists and civilians. As Superman followed his target towards a nuclear reactor, the unknown assailant ambushed the Man of Steel defeating him swiftly and with very little resistance. In Superman #12, Supes wakes up to find the stranger... Continue Reading →

Super Issues — Superman #10 Review

Superman continues to struggle against an emotionally unstable Anguish while the media storm around Spence Becker, the man unfortunate enough to be mistakenly identified as Superman's alter ego, comes to a boil. The battle between Superman and the aptly named Anguish -- it's what she's likely causing readers -- continues in the middle of media... Continue Reading →

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