All-New X-Men #28

During the Battle of the Atom crossover, one of the questions that lacked a critical answer was: What made the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants so angry? Last issue, we got some real answers as Xavier's origin story was revealed along with the beginnings of his partnership with his half-brother Raze. Without a father to teach him... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #27 Review

The future has returned with an attack on the New Xavier School by the Brotherhood of Evil X-Men. With Raze preoccupying the All-New X-Men in the cafeteria, Xorn takes out the Stepford Cuckoos by hijacking Mindee's mind. That leaves Emma Frost, Scott Summers, and the young Jean Grey to stand up to the mauraders. With... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #23 Review

A few days ago, I imagined what I'd ask Brian Michael Bendis if I could get one question in for an interview. "What is it about you that Marvel would put their X-Men franchise in your hands?" Bendis is talented, obviously, and he's shaping up to be the Chris Claremont of this generation. But that... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #16 Review

Try saying this all in one breath. The future X-Men have come back through time to correct the current X-Men's mistake of bringing the classic X-Men into the present in All-New X-Men #16, the second chapter of the Battle of the Atom crossover event. Professor Charles Xavier's grandson Xavier, Deadpool, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Beast, and... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #6 Review

The All-New X-Men is a great title so far. With everything going on and the transition for the original X-Men into our time, there have been some interesting things in this book. About half of the issue focuses on Jean and her psychic powers coming to fruition much faster than she hoped they would. Then,... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #4 Review

Cyclops comes face to face with none other than himself in the explosive All-New X-Men #4 that explores what happens when two worlds from separate eras collide. After seeing his younger self, present-Cyclops comes to grips with seeing the love of his life, Jean Grey, whose powers of telepathy are manifesting themselves powerfully and without... Continue Reading →

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