All-New X-Men #6 Review

www.hypergeeky.comThe All-New X-Men is a great title so far.

With everything going on and the transition for the original X-Men into our time, there have been some interesting things in this book.

About half of the issue focuses on Jean and her psychic powers coming to fruition much faster than she hoped they would. Then, there are the meetings with other X-Men in the current timeline.

Of course, there’s also the inevitable clash between Cyclops and Wolverine. There’s plenty of good story mixed with action and just a wonderful comic experience. This seems to be the comic that will be able to introduce new readers to old and new characters in one swoop.

This is one of a few issues whose cover shows a little something extra about the issue. The cover, like the story inside shows a more intimate look at the characters.

Brian Michael Bendis is an interesting writer, in that he clings to his own notions and what he, as a fan, would love to see. His characters are often quite relateable and speak more freely than in other titles. There’s less expository dialogue and more natural rhythm in the characters’ voices.

The best part of the script is the pacing here and that it’s almost evenly divided between the core group. The one real down side to the writing was that I didn’t really see much of Beast or the younger Hank McCoy.

While not quite as spectacular as the previous issue in terms of story and dialogue, there’s plenty of cool scenes in here.

Stuart Immonen shows off his artistic chops in a glorious collection of panels within even better whole pages. Blending the old style with the new and more modern look of the costumes, he’s shown us something really cool.

Wade von Grawbadger’s inks are also pretty good and does well with the shadows and extra bits of detail. More detail is captured in von Grawbadger’s inks on a single page than most other inkers are able to capture in a full comic.

There’s also a lot to be said for Marte Gracia’s colors and the extra shadows therein. The colors are slightly muted, especially on the costumes. It’s a nice break from the vivid colors that show off their powers. This is especially true for Jean and Scott’s abilities.

The team-up on the art is pretty good and a great reason to get this book, even if you’re not a Bendis fan.

This issue gets a 4/5 just because I don’t believe it will be as well remembered as the last issue. I can only hope the next issue will be this good or better. It’s still a good series, but what carries this issue is really the artwork.

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