All-New X-Men #36 Review

Ultimate Dr. Doom's energy blast sure has a lot of kick. All-New X-Men #35 ended just as Miles Morales launched a sudden attack on Doom only to be countered by a devastating blast. Issue #36 continues from that super-ultra-combo finisher with a double-page spread of the Doctor surveying his victory. Two sets of X-Men and... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Doomed — All-New X-Men #35

All-New X-Men #35 wastes little time and gets right into the thick of things with an epic double-page spread of the X-Men of Earth-616 fighting alongside the Ultimate X-Men and Spider-Man against Dr. Doom's various machinations. The superheroes have come to Doom's headquarters in Latveria to rescue Hank McCoy who's being held hostage there. Things... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Adrift — All-New X-Men #33

The original X-Men, sans Cyclops, were whisked away to Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Universe) back in All-New X-Men #31. And they're still there. The individual plots progress with some developments, but the issue and story arc overall feel sparse and unexciting. Iceman, trapped underground, taps into his potential and summons ice-hulks to escape Mole Man's mole men.... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #30 Review

All-New X-Men #30 takes a break from the norm to develop and work on some character-to-character issues. Picking up at the swell of a whirlwind romance between Laura Kinney and Warren Worthington III after a night of clubbing and, well, clubbing (literally!), the two go through an impromptu DTR that challenges their notions of each other, especially... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #28

During the Battle of the Atom crossover, one of the questions that lacked a critical answer was: What made the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants so angry? Last issue, we got some real answers as Xavier's origin story was revealed along with the beginnings of his partnership with his half-brother Raze. Without a father to teach him... Continue Reading →

All-New X-Men #27 Review

The future has returned with an attack on the New Xavier School by the Brotherhood of Evil X-Men. With Raze preoccupying the All-New X-Men in the cafeteria, Xorn takes out the Stepford Cuckoos by hijacking Mindee's mind. That leaves Emma Frost, Scott Summers, and the young Jean Grey to stand up to the mauraders. With... Continue Reading →

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