Secret Empire #1 Review

The Cap's out of the bag, and modern history in the Marvel Universe is as it -- ahem -- should be. Not that fans are happy with the development. It was one thing to turn Captain America into a Hydra agent. It was another to reveal that the entirety of Marvel Comics history was a... Continue Reading →

Secret Empire #0 Review

After the most recent Secret Wars event rewrote Marvel's comic continuity, the company dropped a major bombshell when it brought Steve Rogers back into mix as Captain America. For the past several years, Rogers took on a more administrative role after a confrontation with the Iron Nail left his Super-Soldier Serum inert. Working as the Avengers' mission control leader,... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Home — Captain America #10

Apparently, last issue's anti-climactic battle that finished with Arnim Zola's death wasn't the end of Zola after all. With Zola's battlestation still heading towards Earth, the stakes are raised when Princess Jet Black, overcome by grief, fights to keep her father's dream alive while Captain America and Sharon Carter give chase. The plot thickens when... Continue Reading →

Captain America #4 Review

Captain America continues the fight against Arnim Zola in Captain America #4 which takes place 11 years after the events in issue #3. Last seen in a moment of horror, Steve Rogers uncovered his chest in to find Zola's face embedded into it. Since then, the past decade hasn't been kind to Rogers and his... Continue Reading →

The Last American — Captain America #3 Review

Captain America shows off the characteristics that make him an American hero in¬†Captain America #3, a sprawling issue that has the Captain¬†escaping a death sentence, mingling with his Dimension Z host-family, and becoming an inspiration to his beleaguered compatriots living under Armin Zola's oppressive rule. About to be killed along with his young charge, Captain... Continue Reading →

Captain America #2 Review

A year passes in between issue #1 and issue #2 of Captain America, and the bearded superhero with his young charge have survived off instincts. The never-ending quest to find his way back home has numbed Steve Rogers, but it hasn't broken him though the thought to end it all with a self-inflicted wound is... Continue Reading →

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