Get Lifted — Lazarus #7 Review

The correspondence page found at the end of the issue will tell you the creative team needed two extra pages for Lazarus #7. After reading the issue, it's plain to see why. In terms of density, Lazarus #7 earns the title of heaviest issue of the series. Jumping from plot to plot, the events this... Continue Reading →

System Shock: Lazarus #4 Review

Last issue ended with a bang -- literally -- and writer/creator Greg Rucka doesn't pull any punches with an intense pickup on action and drama in Lazarus #4. Forever Carlyle and counterpart Joacquim Morray had a moment to watch the sunset, but their respite was just a calm before the storm. Missiles from a Carlyle... Continue Reading →

Family Ties: Lazarus #3 Review

On paper, Greg Rucka's world isn't very different from ours. In Lazarus, a western gem hidden in a sci-fi thriller, a small few control a majority of the world's resources and wealth, while a larger group of educated and trained individuals works to keep society running. The rest of humanity fights over the scraps, unable... Continue Reading →

Forever Changing — Lazarus #1 Review

Family is at the basis of Greg Rucka's new Image series, Lazarus. Set in a future where oligarchies control the world's resources, each Family stakes its power with money. That money is represented in each Family's Lazarus, the one chosen to defend and protect the Family's interests. Given the best in technology, training, and physical... Continue Reading →

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