What the Ratings Mean

I came up with the current ratings system after having discussions with friends and associates. I chose to have the reviewers here at Hyper Geeky follow this scale because it’s a little easier to understand and doesn’t pin a reviewed piece to an arbitrary number.

Like I said in a conversation with one friend, what’s the real difference between a 95 and a 97?

Though those systems work for their intended purposes, I wanted to have the reviewers grade based on overall achievement.

Story telling, artwork, direction, character development — these are a few of the things that are looked at to determine a score. While a comic or movie might fail in some regards, as a whole, there may be redeeming features that make the experience worthwhile. Likewise, what might have been a classic could fail based on several elements.

Please refer to the individual reviews to see why a reviewer came to their conclusion. And feel free to start a discussion.

The reviews found on this site are opinions made by their authors.

One last thing — the difference between myself and a working writer, artist, producer, director is: they’re working. The opinions shared in these reviews may be a little harsh at times, but I (speaking for myself, here) have a ton of respect for those in the business. I might not agree with their approach or method, but you don’t have to remind me who’s more important.

And while I may not like a specific project or work, I am a huge fan of creators because they are their respective industry’s representative.

www.hypergeeky.com Poor: Major flaws ground this project, and the experience is not enjoyable.
www.hypergeeky.com Below Average: Factors pull this project south of being decent.
www.hypergeeky.comAverage: Overall, this project comes in between bad and great.
www.hypergeeky.com Above Average: A project that pushes the envelope and does more than strive to be good — it actually is.
www.hypergeeky.comClassic: In a few years, this project will still be remembered.

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