Under Lock and Keypad — SecureDrive KP Review

Under Lock and Keypad — SecureDrive KP Review

Digital briefcase
Having now reviewed two flash drives with security features, I’ve yet to come up with any real-world applications for them because — well, let’s face it — I’m not that big of a deal.

Sure, it’s nice to know that my files — be they MP3s, client photos, or lesson plans — are safe and secure from prying eyes. But does anyone really care what I’m carrying in my pocket or hanging from my keychain?

I imagine anyone finding one of my non-secure flash drives would be happy just knowing they’ve received a free flash drive that needs a quick formatting. No one, after having gone through my files, will feel like they’ve stumbled across something huge. I don’t carry anything so sensitive that I’d be the ideal target for blackmail, and anything I have that’s actually confidential is better served being stored in the cloud behind passwords.

Now, there are some who would love to have the kind of security SecureDrive offers on its BT flash drives. Contracts, sensitive for-your-eyes-only documents, and unique files that could lead to lawsuits or controversy if leaked would be well protected by any of SecureDrive’s products so long as they work as intended.

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Security Now — SecureData SecureUSB BT Review

Security Now — SecureData SecureUSB BT Review

Lock it down
In a world where the ever-increasing need for data security has finally gone past the office doors and into the homes of private users, the SecureUSB BT from Secure Drive offers so, so, so many options for keeping your files safe and secure.

An award-winning flash drive like this — it was the Red Dot 2019 Award winner as well as a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree — can do a lot of good for people who can’t exactly handcuff their digital briefcases to their wrists but want to keep one handy and hanging off a keychain.

With the one-two punch of the SecureUSB BT and the DataLock app, you’ll have the option of locking down your drive with an assorted and stackable set of security options that require either a password, biometrics, a code sent to your phone or all three at the same time.

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Batchair — Secretlab OMEGA Dark Knight (2020 Series) Review

Batchair — Secretlab OMEGA Dark Knight (2020 Series) Review

Na na na na na na na na — Batchair!
I’ve owned my Secretlab OMEGA Dark Knight chair for about a year now, and I think I have enough information for a complete review.

So, here goes!

When my wife and I bought a house and moved in, it was an opportunity to build the home office I’ve always wanted. I painted the walls, bought furniture, and loaded the room with my favorite things.

After that, I was in the market for a nice racing chair because the office chair I’ve been using has been breaking down over time.

I had a few brands in mind, but when Secretlab announced their limited edition Dark Knight edition, I jumped at the chance and preordered. To top it off, Secretlab sent an email with a surprise announcement notifying me that my chair would also get the 2020 Series upgrades that includes upgrades and improvements the company has been working on for the past three years.

Some of those upgrades included the new PRIME 2.0 PU (polyurethane) leather, Cold-Cure foam, full-metal armrests, and a new neck pillow featuring a cooling gel pad.

Combined with industry-awesome specs — a full-length recline mode, Class 4 hydraulics, and the ADC12# aluminum wheelbase — I looked forward to receiving my first Secretlab chair.

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Code Break — iStorage datAshur Personal2 Review

Code Break — iStorage datAshur Personal2 Review

Anyone traveling with or looking to move data securely from one computer might be interested in iStorage’s many offerings.

The company, based in the United Kingdom, offers virus protection and backup solutions on the software side to go along with their bread and butter business — encrypted hard drives with PIN authentication that conforms to the highest in government standards.

Their various drives come in all sorts of different colors, shapes, and sizes. And while their more expensive offerings make the company look like their main demographic is made up of business and corporations hoping to stave off spies and hostile engineers, they have a new offering of personal flash drives for the weekend warriors or the duly paranoid.

The datAshur Personal2 is a flash drive aimed at consumers who want to make sure their files stay private. Whether they’re filled with presentations heading home for some extra polish or security footage that needs a second look, no one without the PIN code should be able to reasonably break through the military grade AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption.

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Eye in the Sky — IPEVO Ziggi HD Plus Review

Eye in the Sky — IPEVO Ziggi HD Plus Review

Document cameras are big business in the education field. With technology moving swiftly away from overhead projectors, teachers need something that works the first time, every time.

IPEVO’s Ziggi HD Plus is an affordable document camera that’s bang for the buck — it’s got so much bang for the buck, you might be tempted to buy two.

The Hardware
Weighing in at one-pound and 10 ounces, thanks to its dense base that keeps it planted on a flat surface, the Ziggi HD Plus’ small but solid footprint keeps its rail-thin boom steady without forcing you to push everything else off your desk or table. The boom bends easily at its three joints, and the lens reaches a height of 15 inches at its tallest.


The Ziggi HD Plus has an 8.0-megapixel camera with a Sony CMOS sensor. At full-HD (1080p), the camera displays items on your screen at 30 frames per second. At its highest resolution (2448p), it slows down to 15 FPS, which means fast moving objects will streak across your screen.

The lens can be rotated left, right, and upside down. You can also raise the boom to position it to your eye level if you want to blog or broadcast. I was able to use it in Skype, and the document camera’s microphone can be used for voice communications.

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New Perspectives — Samsung Gear VR Review

New Perspectives — Samsung Gear VR Review

Remember when virtual reality was supposed to become the next big thing?

Well, according to the company whose slogan for their Galaxy cellphone line is “The next big thing is already here,” the future is now.

After testing out a Star Wars-themed Google Cardboard headset late last year, courtesy of Verizon, I used my gift card from a Samsung Pay promotional to purchase the more refined Samsung Gear Vr headset for $99.99. After waiting for the item to restock, I finally received my headset and tried it out with my Samsung Galaxy Note5.

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