Civil War #1 Review

What if Steve Rogers and Tony Stark didn't settle their differences in the original Civil War crossover? What if their solution to the conflict was to split a nation into two separate territories governed by their idealogues? Charles Soule explores that possibility with a Secret Wars mini-series set six years after Cloak's teleport saves a squad... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Detour — Uncanny X-Men #33

Due to the drama at the X-Mansion, Illyana Rasputin plans a spontaneous getaway for herself and teammate Kitty Pryde in Uncanny X-Men #33. The plan: Find and save a mutant somewhere on an island filled with gigantic kaiju-like monsters. After a quick skirmish, the pair follow Illyana's portable Cerebro and discover a young girl, Bo,... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Spider-Man #15 Review

The Inheritors have been defeated, and it's time for cleanup. As the various Spiders return to their respective homeworlds after a long, drawn-out battle, Peter Parker oversees the aftermath. With the Master Weaver dead and gone, it's time for a new Weaver to take his place, and the Superior Spider-Man won't have anything to do... Continue Reading →

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