[Movie Review] Roar — Godzilla (2014)

It's that inimitable sound -- the one that sounds like a speeding freight train flying off the tracks headfirst into a worst-case scenario. It's that roar -- that Godzilla shout -- that tells the whole world, like Muhammad Ali, that he's the best. It's hard to forget that sound, and while the character has gone through... Continue Reading →

Official Godzilla Trailer

Godzilla's trail of mass destruction will hit theaters May 16 -- only a few months away. I'm not sure why they haven't hyped this movie up more than they have. With a cast of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olson, and Juliette Binoche -- and don't forget Godzilla -- this movie's shaping up... Continue Reading →

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