[Comic Review] In Bloom — Batman #42

Batman takes on another super-powered thug in Batman #42, and it's beginning to look like a new villain has arrived in Gotham City to challenge the new Dark Knight. Last issue, Jim Gordon took on the mantle of the Bat and fought against Precious Precious, a low-level thug exhibiting some strange powers. Issue #42 follows... Continue Reading →

Convergence #1 Review

Convergence #1 is a much more coherent issue that finally gets to the gist of what's happening with the DC multiverse. With Brainiac missing, his second-in-command, Telos, takes matters into his own hands by bringing the heroes and villains of the multiple Earths into one giant arena to determine who will survive and who will... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Just a Man — Grayson #5

What kind of superhero has no powers? In Grayson #5, Dick Grayson survives a grueling 10-day trek through a desert, fighting off temptation and doubt. After crash-landing somewhere in Saudi Arabia after an airfight with A.R.G.U.S., Grayson, a wounded Helena Bertinelli (Matron), and the Midnighter transport precious cargo -- a newborn baby with a special... Continue Reading →

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