[Comic Review] In Bloom — Batman #42

Batman takes on another super-powered thug in Batman #42, and it's beginning to look like a new villain has arrived in Gotham City to challenge the new Dark Knight. Last issue, Jim Gordon took on the mantle of the Bat and fought against Precious Precious, a low-level thug exhibiting some strange powers. Issue #42 follows... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Axis and Allies — Batman #39

With the Joker's virus creating absolute anarchy in Gotham City, Batman resorts to turning his enemies into allies. After venturing into the Court of Owls' underground headquarters last issue, Batman takes a moment to obtain some of the answers he's looking for. The dionesium that gives the Joker his healing capabilities and prolonged life also... Continue Reading →

Batman #36 Review

In case you thought, like I did, that this story arc would be a big battle royale between the Justice League and Batman -- well, you and I were wrong. So awesomely wrong. Let's not forget that the title on the issue's cover is Batman, and when it comes to the star of the show,... Continue Reading →

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