Batman #36 Review

In case you thought, like I did, that this story arc would be a big battle royale between the Justice League and Batman -- well, you and I were wrong. So awesomely wrong. Let's not forget that the title on the issue's cover is Batman, and when it comes to the star of the show,... Continue Reading →

Batman #23.1 / Joker #1 Review

The Clown Prince of Crime adopts a gorilla, raises it to be his protege, and wreaks havoc on Gotham City as a crime-causing duo. Yes, that's the entirety of Batman 23.1, also known as Joker #1 for this month's big DC Villains Month event. Shipping in standard and very limited 3D lenticular covers, Villains Month... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Origin — Batman #21

Kids don't have to take an elementary school primer to get their information on Batman's origins. Take a trip to a playground and any kid will tell you what kickstarted Bruce Wayne's transformation from innocent child to all-out vigilante. He's arguably the most popular comic book character because he's got a lot going for him.... Continue Reading →

Tryouts — Batman #18 Review

Over the years, there have been plenty of Robins. Unfortunately, two out of the five have perished, but Jason Todd came back so that doesn't really count. With Damian Wayne's death still fresh, Bruce isn't exactly firing on all cylinders as Batman and seems to be getting rather sloppy. Running on fumes, he's dangerously close... Continue Reading →

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