Love Thy Neighbor — Gran Torino Review

Love Thy Neighbor — Gran Torino Review

Clint Eastwood stars as a racist Korean War veteran with a crusty exterior living in a neighborhood that’s rapidly changing with an influx of immigrants.

Estranged from his children, and the rest of the world, Walt Kowalski is anti-God, immigration, and change. He spends most of his days sitting on the porch, drinking PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon), and watching the world spin out of his control.

The familiar neighbors of days past have been replaced by Hmong immigrants, and the quiet streets have given way to gang violence. Times and culture have changed, and Kowalski’s sense of loyalty to country and self are at odds with others, even his son: “I worked in Ford for 50 years, and he sells Japanese cars.”

The only thing he loves is his cherished throwback to the good ol’ days, his ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport.

Kowalski is white rural America, and Gran Torino is especially appropriate today after a bitter election in which the working class came out in droves to swing an election the media considered an against-all-odds longshot.

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