Conspiracy Reality — Snowden Review

Oliver Stone's Snowden biopic opens with a title card declaring the events and characters you're about to witness have been dramatized. But anyone with an Internet connection and the ability to Google the words Snowden and PRISM will find the truth that inspired the movie is actually quite terrifying. In 2013, government contractor Edward Snowden... Continue Reading →

Still a Monster Movie — 10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Seven-plus years after the found-footage film Cloverfield brought back gigantic movie monsters in a really big and dizzying way, 10 Cloverfield Lane picks up the pieces and goes for a counter, but somehow intuitive, minimal approach. Eschewing the first movie's first-person cameraman style that induced a level of dizzy spells and motion sickness unseen since... Continue Reading →

Danger When Mixed — Silver Linings Playbook

To callĀ Silver Linings Playbook a comedy feels a bit like misdirection -- it's actually a movie with characters and situations so real, humor comes naturally. And where there are humans and laughter, there is tragedy, failure, heartbreak, and the sorting out of the mess that we call relationships.

Blood Diamond Review

Diamonds -- they're a cultural phenomenon that have made their way into the hearts of minds of people through marketing campaigns proclaiming diamonds to be, among other things, a girl's best friend. Those who've justified buying a large engagement ring with three months' salary might have De Beers to thank. The company has mastered the... Continue Reading →

Reign Over Me Review

Reign Over Me is a frustrating film full of merit but weak on execution. The acting is great, the main characters are deep, and there's enough dramatic tension to provoke an emotional response. But for all of its passion, there are too many characters and a noticeable attempt at creating overwhelming drama. For Dr. Alan... Continue Reading →

Up in the Air Review

Poetic and resounding, Up in the Air hits the emotional notes emphatically. The pitch-perfect and subtle nuances, the ebb and flow of the characters, and the technical craftsmanship of director/co-writer Jason Reitman combine to form a poignant story about relationships. Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) jetsets from city to city as a sort of corporate hitman.... Continue Reading →

Love Thy Neighbor — Gran Torino Review

Clint Eastwood stars as a racist Korean War veteran with a crusty exterior living in a neighborhood that's rapidly changing with an influx of immigrants. Estranged from his children, and the rest of the world, Walt Kowalski is anti-God, immigration, and change. He spends most of his days sitting on the porch, drinking PBR (Pabst... Continue Reading →

Things We Lost in the Fire Review

It's easier to give people an example of a tragedy rather than trying to explain the definition of the word itself. And it would almost be a disservice to just call Things We Lost in the Fire a movie about tragedies. It's a visceral experience, like going through a wringing process, feeling what the characters feel,... Continue Reading →

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