Legion M Teams Up with Alamo Drafthouse

Legion M Teams Up with Alamo Drafthouse

www.hypergeeky.comLegion M, the world’s first fan owned entertainment company, has joined forces with the famed Alamo Drafthouse in a partnership that will bring more quality content to theater screens and film festivals.

Legion M made headlines earlier this year by announcing it would allow fans to invest and take shares of the company. The entity is co-founded by Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison, creators of MobiTV and the New York Rock Exchange. The pair already have an Emmy win to their names, and the strategic partnership with Alamo Drafthouse and its Academy Award nominated Drafthouse Films division could raise the profile of both companies significantly.

I had a few questions for Scanlan and Annison who answered these questions over email. The press release follows after the interview.

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An Interview with Legion M’s Paul Scanlan and Jeff Anison

An Interview with Legion M’s Paul Scanlan and Jeff Anison


I had a chance this past weekend at Silicon Valley Comic-Con 2016 to interview the cofounders of Legion M, a new company owned by the fans. Paul Scanlan and Jeff Anison, CEO and President, gave me the lowdown on what their plans are for the company, how they created it, and why fans should get onboard.

After the interview, Paul also noted that content creators could have chances to submit material to the company, so all you future directors/producers/screenwriters/etc. should start polishing your skills.

HyperGeeky: First, can I get an introduction from you two?

PAUL SCANLAN: Hi, I’m Paul Scanlan. I’m cofounder and CEO of Legion M.

JEFF ANISON: I’m Jeff Anison. I’m cofounder and president of Legion M.

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