Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 Review

The mystery of what happened to Eva Bell during her disappearance back in Uncanny X-Men #17 is finally explained. Sort of. To recap -- Back in issue #17, Bell and her teammates were stranded in Tabula Rasa by Magik for a bit of a training session. The crap hit the fan when a giant beast... Continue Reading →

Uncanny X-Men #28 Review

First, a few things -- one of which I should have pointed out before, but failed to include. Inside the cover in the credits, you'll see something that only recently started happening. At the bottom where the creator credits once only mentioned Stan Lee, a new name has been rightfully added. Though we don't know... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Adrift — All-New X-Men #33

The original X-Men, sans Cyclops, were whisked away to Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Universe) back in All-New X-Men #31. And they're still there. The individual plots progress with some developments, but the issue and story arc overall feel sparse and unexciting. Iceman, trapped underground, taps into his potential and summons ice-hulks to escape Mole Man's mole men.... Continue Reading →

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