All-New X-Men #36 Review

Ultimate Dr. Doom's energy blast sure has a lot of kick. All-New X-Men #35 ended just as Miles Morales launched a sudden attack on Doom only to be countered by a devastating blast. Issue #36 continues from that super-ultra-combo finisher with a double-page spread of the Doctor surveying his victory. Two sets of X-Men and... Continue Reading →

[Comic Review] Doomed — All-New X-Men #35

All-New X-Men #35 wastes little time and gets right into the thick of things with an epic double-page spread of the X-Men of Earth-616 fighting alongside the Ultimate X-Men and Spider-Man against Dr. Doom's various machinations. The superheroes have come to Doom's headquarters in Latveria to rescue Hank McCoy who's being held hostage there. Things... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Spider-Man #13 Review

Last issue ended with a bombshell that felt appropriate as a tribute to both the title and character. That said, Uncle Ben's appearance as one of the Totems surprised a lot of readers, and The Amazing Spider-Man #13 deals with the reactions from the various Spiders -- Peter Parker, especially -- as the Inheritors wait... Continue Reading →

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