Batman #36 Review

In case you thought, like I did, that this story arc would be a big battle royale between the Justice League and Batman -- well, you and I were wrong. So awesomely wrong. Let's not forget that the title on the issue's cover is Batman, and when it comes to the star of the show,... Continue Reading →

Batman Superman #5 Review

The Toymaster Hiro Okamura has a new game, and it involves taking down superheroes. But the game, an MMORPG built around beating Batman, has a critical flaw -- it's real. Designed on technology engineered from prominent scientists' work, the video game has the ability to create avatars that form real-life threats to the heroes players... Continue Reading →

Batman Superman #4 Review

The Batman Superman pairs have to decide how to save their respective worlds in Batman Superman #4, a complicated and heavy issue with major ramifications for the New 52 storylines going forward. Last issue, Kaiyo the Chaos Bringer introduced Darkseid, an incoming threat capable of destroying both Earth 1 and 2. The reveal by Kaiyo... Continue Reading →

Batman #23.1 / Joker #1 Review

The Clown Prince of Crime adopts a gorilla, raises it to be his protege, and wreaks havoc on Gotham City as a crime-causing duo. Yes, that's the entirety of Batman 23.1, also known as Joker #1 for this month's big DC Villains Month event. Shipping in standard and very limited 3D lenticular covers, Villains Month... Continue Reading →

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