An Interview with Nigel Twumasi

With a dash of dramatic flair, and the subtlety of a bull in a China shop, the Samurai Chef judges his contestants' dishes with his katana.  The various Kitches competing for an ultimate victory know their dishes live or die by the blade, and they'll have to come up with some interesting tactics to defeat... Continue Reading →

An Interview with John Hageman

  At first, The Woodland Welfare Manifesto looks like something you might see in the children' section of your local comic shop. The colors are vibrant, and most of the characters are ... cuddly-ish animals. And then, the main character urinates on a government document. The Woodland Welfare Manifesto, narrated by Uncle Stas, details the... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Random Cushing

  There's very little setup for the main character in the first two episodes of Random Cushing's comic series Refill.  What's present are quickly paced stories filled with action, characters, and unpredictable plot turns. The art doesn't settle for two dimensions -- the layouts feel incredibly alive with movement. That each episode is a self-contained... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Andrez Bergen

I was first introduced to Andrez Bergen through the Comic Book Community on Google+. A fan of comics, Bergen has worked with artists from around the world for several stories.  He's also a novelist and a musician -- a sort of Renaissance Man. Corresponding with Andrez, I've become acquainted with a humble yet confident author... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Bridgett Spicer

I conducted a live interview with cartoonist Bridgett Spicer last year only to sit on it as she went through major professional changes. After her hometown newspaper, the Monterey County Herald, decided to drop her Squid Row comic strip -- a move that prompted an angry response from members in the community -- Spicer began work... Continue Reading →

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