[Announcement] Flashpoint

Kudos if you get the correlation between the post’s featured picture and the announcement to follow.

For the past several months, I’ve been working on making HyperGeeky bigger and better. But how? At NYCC 2015, the direction became clear — the website needed to become more personal.

Now, that might seem a little counter-intuitive. How can a website become bigger and better if it’s changing to something more personal?

Since its first post, HyperGeeky has been a website by geeks for geeks. My friend Andrew and I had been writing for other sites and blogs, and we republished those reviews here. HyperGeeky launched with enough content to keep readers busy, and we didn’t stop there. We continued with a heavy stream of reviews for comics we were reading with a bit of news content when we had time.

But over the course of months, HyperGeeky became a site focused almost entirely on reviewing content. We pushed announcements, news, and movie trailers to the HyperGeeky Facebook page for faster delivery. Opinions and thoughts were included on the Oh My Geek! Podcast which I’m a member of, and those were reposted to the site on a [sort-of]weekly basis.

Moving forward, the plan is to keep posting news and trailers on the Facebook page with the HyperGeeky website getting more content in regards to featured articles that will delve deeper into the meaning of things, put pop culture under the microscope, and detail some of my adventures. The website will still feature reviews, but the point is to get more geeky about geek culture.

We also have several writers looking to produce more content of their own, and I’d love to have more geeks publishing their thoughts and opinions on this site.

I hope this announcement gets readers excited. There are a lot of things on the slate. I want to bring video games into the mix as well as post reviews and articles for television shows. I want to show off the kinds of goodies I get at conventions. I want to post more interviews with the hottest creators as well as new creatives who are at the forefront of self-publishing.

Look for 2016 to be HyperGeeky’s biggest year. For the next few weeks, we’ll continue building the foundation for something awesome.


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