Oh My Geek! Podcast Episode 006 — Wax Fantastic


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We hope you’ve had a fantastic month because we’re bringing you some pop culture news and reviews.

Lest we forget that we’re hosted at Current Comics, the OMGeeks talk up some of the recent books they’ve read. For HyperGeeky reviews, check out what ClumsyG’s written about Batman #43 and Civil War #2.

Onto the news, a lot of stuff’s been happening. We keep you up to date with some headlines.

First, an 100-year old unfinished JRR Tolkien manuscript gets a spiffy new edition. The Story of Kullervo, based on the Finnish epic poem, “The Kalevala.”

Here’s something you might not have ever expected. HBO is getting Sesame Street.

Patrick Stewart announced he’ll return as Professor X for the new Wolverine movie. Let’s happy dance!

Talking about returns, NBC has already begun plans to reboot Xena Warrior Princess. Yay or nay?

Ronda Rousey wants to play Captain Marvel, but can she really fill the role?

Lots of reboot information. This one’s a piece of gossip. Will Smith could be working on a possible reboot for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Our main topic of the podcast — What happened behind the scenes for the Fantastic Four? By now, you’ve heard the movie’s a flop. We discuss what happened and what this could mean for the franchise.

In case you wanted an opinion, check out ClumsyG’s review at Moviepilot.

We end with a quick talk about Constantine’s Matt Ryan finding a new home on Arrow.

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