Cuteness Wins — Despicable Me Review

Things have changed.

Computer animated movies have gone from fad to summertime sizzlers — it’s hard to imagine any given year passing without a Pixar or Dreamworks movie to get excited about.

Despicable Me has the unfortunate task of following in Toy Story 3’s wake, but it more than holds its own with great characters, wonderful comedy, and some very tender scenes that might provoke a tear or three.

Gru (Steve Carell) is the world’s most famous supervillain credited with stealing Times Square’s television and some lesser known landmarks. Apparently, the world has been taken over by the villains because they live amongst the citizens of the city albeit in heavily fortified domiciles that house missile security systems and sewer swimming sharks.

When the Great Pyramid at Giza becomes stolen, Gru refuses to take second place. He adopts three adorable orphans for a clever heist that will get him the shrink ray he needs to steal the moon. Little does he know that the girls will end up stealing his heart.

It’s a movie that has all the right pieces and variables for its formula — cute kids, memorable lines, a horde of lovable minions, and a good dose of drama. It’s the execution and the expressive animation that really draws out an emotional response and makes it memorable.

Though the movie starts off a little rocky relying too much on weaker gags and soft punchlines, it eventually takes off. It finishes strong with a great moral ending that’s great for the kids. As for the adults who may have entered hoping to get a little bit of entertainment — if they’re like me, they’ll see a little bit of Gru in themselves wanting to be loved.

www.hypergeeky.comDespicable Me (2010)
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Directed by: Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud
Written by: Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio
Starring: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, and Russell Brand

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